As an agency with high standards of sustainability, we want to be active shapers of our future. We are aware of our responsibility for digital and analogue marketing and want to use our skills for sustainable growth.

We are the 1st B-Corp. certified marketing agency in Central Germany.

But that’s not all that defines us:

B Corp. Germany

The B Corp certificate is an important milestone in generating corporate growth with integrity and communicating a serious commitment to sustainable corporate management.

Fairness First

An independent organisation confirms that the company is working towards long-term success, is committed to good cooperation and places responsibility for its entire environment above purely profit-oriented thinking.

Klimabonus e.V. (climate bonus)

Through our partnership with Klimabonus e.V., our business partners can offset joint projects and the associated CO2 emissions.
Together, we are active participants in climate protection.

Climate protection for our region

Our trees for Magdeburg

From an ecological point of view, trees are important factors for climate protection. With our trees, we support the regulation of our urban climate and counteract the inadequate development of urban greenery – all for the sustainable protection of our region.

1 tree for every Magdeburg resident?

There are plenty of reasons to plant trees: they are oxygen donors, CO2 reservoirs, habitats, recreational areas, etc. We are supporting the ‘Otto plants!’ campaign with around 35 trees or 17500 KG CO2. This brings us one step closer to our target of 242,000.

The Radio-Brocken tree gifting

Gemeinsam mit Radio-Brocken und dem ganzen Land pflanzen wir Bäume im Harz, um unsere Heimat zu schützen. Dank unserer Spende werden im Harz 175 neue Bäume gepflanzt!

Refurbed technology

The renewal of used products produces 70% fewer CO₂ emissions than the production of a new product. In addition, Reburbed plants a tree in Haiti, Madagascar or Nepal for every product.

Magdeburg cleans up

Under the motto ‘Magdeburg cleans up!’, we beautify the city after the winter days. Every year, many helpers respond to the call from the city council and its partners for spring cleaning – and of course we are there!

Bee meadows for Magdeburg

We support Bienenweide e.V. with a sponsorship to increase the habitat and food supply for wild bees, butterflies and other insect species in the region.

Our bee sponsorship

Taking on a bee sponsorship is a meaningful way for us to support bee conservation. We support the bee colony in the Schorfheide-Chorin UNESCO biosphere reserve, one of the largest nature reserves in Germany.

Green Work-Life-Balance


Sustainable giveaways

We avoid plastic in the production of our giveaways by using environmentally friendly, organically degradable material. This not only reduces the amount of plastic we use, but also that of our customers.

Eco-friendly office supplies

We also choose our analogue media carefully. We use recycled paper and thus save up to 60 percent energy, up to 70 percent water, CO2 emissions and waste compared to virgin fibre paper.


Office upcycling

We rarely buy new. Most of our office furniture comes from clearances in our neighbourhood. If something is needed for the office, we look for a sustainable option to avoid the consumption of new raw materials. Our central printer also runs on the latest energy standard.

Office recycling

We donate our functional and used equipment to regional organisations so that they can continue to provide loyal service and help.

Supply chain monitoring

At our agency, we attach great importance to working with regional and environmentally friendly companies.

Support your Lokal

Our team enjoys a cup of coffee from a local roastery. We also rely on food from regional suppliers for our lunch break.

Ecological water consumption

We recognise the critical role that water plays as a vital resource. We have therefore decided to implement sustainable practices in our operations in order to make our water consumption as environmentally friendly as possible.

Eco-friendly and electric

We want to realise our responsibility towards the environment in our agency concept.
This is why green electricity keeps our technology running and thus reduces our contribution to climate change.

Sustainable gas supply

In the conviction that every company has a responsibility to protect our planet, we have opted for a gas supply that comes from 100% renewable sources.

Helping out at the food bank

Instead of losing ourselves in a consumption frenzy, we put our influence on society and our city. We are happy to help out at the food bank when possible.

Home-grown plants & water trough

Our green inner courtyard is not just a joy for us. With our bee meadow in the raised bed, water trough and our home-grown herbs, we provide the animals with food and a thirst quencher.

We are reducing our CO2 consumption

To reduce their own CO2 consumption, 75% of employees use bicycles or public transport to get to the office. They also receive a job ticket from our boss.

Step into the digital world!

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