We specialise in a cross-media marketing mix. Because with digital progress, analogue marketing is also gaining in significance.
Appeal to all the senses of your target group with us.

Our marketing services

We don’t read the future in a glass of water, we shape it.

Support the digital advertising strategy with analogue corporate marketing.

Consulting & conceptualisation

Every company, every start-up has goals, ideas and visions. We help you realise them. Our marketing consultation takes over the full communication for your company: starting with the consultation, through the well-founded market analysis to the concept development.


How does the press release get to the publishers? Who writes the PR articles to market our products and services? – We enter the dialogue with press representatives. We create a broad spectrum of public relations and increase your visibility.

Corporate Design

What is corporate design? Do you have a logo? Would you like to associate your company with a colour to guarantee lasting perception? We support and develop your corporate design/ corporate identity.


Give-aways are not just small gifts for your customers or your target group. They are individual and sustainable promotional items for your customers to emphasise the quality of your company. We will find the right one for you. Convince yourself.

Print advertising & ad design

We will present your communication through flyers, brochures, handouts and adverts to the public. We are happy to support you with media planning and advert placement.


We realise events for you that stay in your head. The customer remains at the centre of the action. You don’t have the resources to prepare for and accompany an event? We’ll be happy to do it for you.

Would you like to expand your knowledge of the cross-media marketing mix?

Analogue marketing and communication embrace traditional methods of marketing and customer dialogue that take place outside the digital world. Despite the rapid development and dominance of digital media, analogue marketing strategies retain their relevance and effectiveness. We are delighted to help you with all aspects of social media and cross-media marketing.

Step into the digital world!

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